Esteban Batallán Cons, from Barro’s music school to be Principal Trumpet of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Trumpeter Esteban Batallán Cons with the mayor of Barro, Xosé Manuel Fernández Abraldes

Pontevedra Friday, January 3, 2020

The Council of Barro has performed this Thursday an act of recognition to the musician Esteban Batallán Cons. This is a trumpet player from the municipality and he has achieved the principal trumpet chair at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Batallán Cons has a long career in classical music despite his youth, he is barely 36 years old. Mayor Xosé Manuel Fernández Abraldes received him at the Council in the company of other members of the local government to thank him for becoming a Barro ambassador for the world.

The musician born in Barro has dedicated many years to his training and has offered concerts in some of the best Spanish and international auditoriums. In this sense, from the local government they consider Esteban Batallán to be an example for other young performers who are trained in the Galician rural music schools

The mayor handed an honorary plaque to the trumpet player, who signed in the honor book of the Concello de Barro.